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A comprehensive regular reporting and communicating structure to the hotel ownership will be formulated and agreed upon. This will be through financial reports and regular presentations executed by an appointed Epoque person. Senior management like the General manager and S&M Director will be ratified by the hotel ownership. We believe in great transparency throughout our organization starting from the top.

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F&B Management​

Food production and food services are an integral part of any hotel operation however big or small. F&B management is critical to the financial success of the hotel. Creative and innovative menu planning is executed by dedicated and highly skilled staff. We believe that a well run F&B operation can enhance a hotel's reputation with the correct investment. Options can be explored in outsourcing any F&B operation with careful consideration and in close liaison with ownership.

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Property and Project

Epoque Hotels fully understands the value of the real estate and encourages owners to involve the operations team at an as early stage as possible. ​ We have great designers and project managers to assist or carry out project management. The long term financial success of any hotel starts from the day an operation is envisaged and planned. Preventative maintenance programs are critical for the upkeep of the property. These programs are implemented and maintained using technology to ensure the hotel can drive the maximum revenues potential. We believe in eco-friendly management as part of our future and customer needs. We practice this in any location, provided the right infra structure is in place or is provided for. We have access to experts who can plan and manage this to state of the art level at any stage of the project.

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Financial Management​​

We aim to exceed the expectations of our stakeholders through transparent and financial reporting. Budgets and forecasts will be provided on a regular basis and daily revenue sheets will be produced. Revenue management is key to our success in both rooms and F&B management. No hotel will be financially successful unless careful control is exercised throughout the organization through purchasing, inventory management, cash control etc. We encourage that the financial controller will also have a reporting obligation to ownership at all times.

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IT Management

The customer demands the latest in order to provide the right level of service. Epoque Hotels will ensure the property will have the correct technology in place in order to compete. Information management in general will be managed carefully with the assistance of experts.

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Loss prevention Management

According to the needs of each property , loss prevention is an important part of the organization. We run properties with due care and attention ensuring healthy and safe conditions at all times for both customers and employees. Each property will have a person allocated to cover this field.

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Rooms Management

Depending on the size of the front of house hotel services like reception, concierge, cashiering, valet, porters will be managed according to the standards agreed upon. Attention to detail is the key to our success. Accommodation management will include both front and back of House.

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Human Resources

We work with a motto that we are only as good as our weakest link. And we understand the traditional values of hotel management, a people's business, often forgotten about nowadays To achieve this we ensure staff are fully empowered and trained and led by sensitive but assertive management. Training staff and management is key to the success of any hotel and a training budget is always included and insisted upon by Epoque Hotels driven in most cases depending on the size of the hotel buy the General Manager. Training commences from interview stage onwards Epoque Hotels focusing on cross training programs for boutique hotels in order to have it's staff multi-skilled so to run an efficient hotel.

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Sales & Marketing

Epoque Hotels provides all the sales & marketing needs for a boutique hotel with dedicated hands on staff:

​ -Performing sales visits and contracting with Travel agencies, OTA's, corporate and transient as well as group business .
-Database of 300,000 contacts of travel agents, direct clients and corporate, with monthly newsletters.
-Participation at tradeshows worldwide.
-Public relations and Social Media database of 10,000 journalists.
- Set up and maintenance of social media pages as Facebook , Twitter, Sina Weibo, Renren, etc..
-Design ,maintenance, SEO, and promotion of the official website of the hotel with inclusion of our state of the art booking engine, to gain the maximum potential from this powerful online proprietary tool.
-Connectivity to the GDS systems (global distribution systems) used by over 300,000 agents worldwide .
-Design and production of hotel brochures, presentations, fact sheets, etc .

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Quality Assurance

A key element to our success is the dedicated Epoque Hotels Quality assurance program. The three main key indicators:

1) Service Standards,
2) Revenue Management,
3) Boutique factor is unique and is carried out regularly.

The QA program will be modified according to the needs of the hotel and the management of the hotel will be fully accountable.

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Task force/Opening/

Epoque Hotels specializes in opening or re-positioning properties through task force management. Ensuring a rapid turn around and is opened meeting the vision of the owner. We believe in "fresh" keen management once a hotel is opened. The financial returns and general standards are met quicker through task force management.